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Injured workers who are not represented are rarely presented with the option to settle their claims for a lump-sum of money.   Only approximately 38% of all claims settle.   See link


At Robert Rivera Law, we will work to ensure you get fully compensated for your injury and to maximize the value of your settlement. If we do not assist in getting you a settlement, you do not owe us anything.  


See below for the results Robert Rivera Law was able to secure on behalf of injured workers.  


Settlement 05


DISCLAIMER:  There are numerous factors and variables that go into the litigation of each and every case.  No two cases are alike.  Thus, the below examples are in no way a predictor or a guarantee of a successful result in your claim.  To discuss the independent merits of your claim,  please contact us for a free consultation.  

Our Results: 

See below for actual settlements Robert Rivera Law was able to obtain for Clients. 


Amount Settled / injury


Amount Settled / injury


Amount Settled / injury

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