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Workers’ Compensation Law and Updates

This link provides a brief explanation and overview of the Workers’ Compensation process within the State of Florida, along with references to laws and cases.  

Office of Judges of Compensation Claims Website

This link is where you can search your Workers’ Compensation case docket, as well as other valuable Workers’ Compensation resources and links.  

Proof of Coverage 

This website is how you can see if your employer has Workers’ Compensation coverage.

This website allows you to search all state filings to determine your employers name and to determine if they are using a fictitious business name.   

Division of Workers’ Compensation Website

This website assists injured workers, employers, health care providers, and insurers in following the Florida workers’ compensation rules and laws.  

Florida Statute 440: Workers’ Compensation

This link is where you can search the entire Florida Statute that deals with Workers’ Compensation laws.  

60Q Rules: Rules of Procedure for Workers’ Compensation Adjudications

These rules of procedure apply in all workers’ compensation proceedings before the judges of compensation claims.

69L Rules: Division of Workers’ Compensation

These rules are in regard to the employer/insurer responsibilities and reporting.